Monday, 5 December 2011

and its here!!!!

Hey peoples,

New week (depending on how you see it) new post -
So if you have been following my blog recently you would know i had previously ordered a MacBook Pro
(for noobs).


I'm currently typing part of this post on the machine right now! "why part?" you ask? well i need to go work soon so i don't have time to complete this post or play around with my new toy -____- 'life aye'?

It arrived this morning at 10 (10am GMT) the delivery guy looked gloomy but i was happy!!!!!!! eheheheh ^_^. To my surprise i didn't open the box straight away .. i was watching anime before the door was knocked and like a true fan of the japanese art form - i placed to box on the floor and continued with my anime!

So, im guessing you don't want to read just text - "WE WANT PICS!"

well here they are, from the box to the first boot of this costly machine! ... 'I'm applied up guys.. IM APPLED UP!'

i thought i would show you this first
So here we go! for real this time:

FYI - they are not mine!

No really they are not mine.. thery're my mums. I just happened to use them this morning

Addressed to me!!.. not you :P

*tries to rub it in.. while no one cares :( *

*Made in baghdad*

lool, imagine it was... would be so funny ^_^
from apple to prince
 Yea its my name :( ---- Prince Tony ....

Bread Knife to the rescue
Why a bread knife? Why not! I had one in my room for some random reason

*play heavenly music here*
eheheh imagine!

MAcBook Noob
"made for noobs to continue being noobs"

The basics

Always best to upgrade your mac yourself... must cheaper... never give all your money to the APPLE MAN!

Open sesame

tab tab tab

pull the freaking tab! - yea, i do love Apples packaging... it is something special.. i have always admired great packaging.

olds meets new

My old HP sacuse meets the new Apple crumble - the HP has done me proud
what no CD
Aren't i supposed to get the OS cd? or have they stopped doing that?

"i have the POWER!!"
 He-Man and the master of the MacBooks

thank you thank you but....
i would kind preferr 50% cash back on my purchase

Let ther be life!
the first BOOT!
'white screen of death'

im pretty sure the white screen of death exists .. lets me google *geek mode*

Woop its alive!!.. yup yup this is as far as i got (plus adding twitter and realising the UK keyboard from apple dont have hash tag) before i went to work.


Wait! how did that get there? - memories of my university days *tears up*  MORTAL KOMBAT!!


When i get home from work i will install windows 7 using boot camp - i Want parellels but cant afford it after buying this stupid thing >_< // so if anyone wants to buy me it  click here or if you want to donate to my parelles fund here: